My Expectations with Win8

Microsoft freezes 9200 as the official build. But are the features really given by MS need of the hour, of if its just a way to impose stuff of they call out of the box designs/features. Over the past versions of windows, MS has never really worked on a pattern of what user wants. I think they are too busy in getting a competitive edge.

I have some different expectations from Win8. I think instead of working so hard on getting a METRO UI layer, it would be better if they really fix long pending feature requests from consumers.

I also think that this time the marketing strategy has gone a bit wrong. Or may be i am wrong. But i feel that people are under a projection that Win8 is not a main stream OS but it only have some fancy metro ui which will be helpful for touch scenarios and will be well compatible for mobile devices.

I have really no doubt that this release will not be a failure, nor the products going with Win8 be failure. But i feel there will be a clear domain shift. What i mean is, the main stream users of Win8 will not care to spend few 100$ on upgrading there system just for a pink ui. These guys(like u and me) do not really care of what the UI is like unless it is fast. This OS is likely to be popular with specific devices like Tablets/mobiles.

Well, on the other hand it could be a marketing strategy too. I feel that in the coming years, the number of main stream PCs will drop and the hand held devices will be number one priority. We all can see this shift.

I don't mean to offend any of you, nor im saying that the engineers behind this massive release have done wrong. I'm just asking you to imagine my way. Cheers!!

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