My First Troll Based Humor Post

How to make my first TROLL BASED HUMOR POST?

What is Troll face?

First its important to under stand what is TROLL
For that it would be convenient to check out this WIKI link
Of course there are articles on the web which explains "The-History-of-Trollface" but i don't think anyone want to go that deep.

Its certain that these faces are inspired from actual faces of some of the most expressive people on the planet.

For example


People want to express there thought and also effectively. Its always better to add some visuals to your texts.
And troll faces is one of the most effective add-on on the modern blog writing. It attract people's attention from miles.

'Texting' around the troll faces is as much important as the faces itself.
You don't want your readers to over burden with unnecessary text. THE TEXT HAVE TO BE PRECISE AND SHARP LIKE AN ARROW. LET YOUR TROLL FACES DO THE TALKING.

This is a simple one. You can visit this site.

The most popular one.

How does the end result look like?

Well if all goes well and you do a decent enough job in MS-Paint, then you are supposed to rock the work and get 100's of Likes and 100's of shares.
PS: Be patient.

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